Explore the mountains of Dalarna or develop your skills

Photo:Felix Oppenheim

Photo: Felix Oppenheim
Photo: Felix Oppenheim

Explore the mountains or develop your skills. Skiing with alpine backcountryskis is a great way to explore some of the mountains in the north of Dalarna. We offers guided tours to our favorite places and courses for you who want to learn and develop your skills. Our home mountain, Fjätervålen, is a great place for a half day tour or a course to learn about safety, avalanches and the teqnuice of backcountry skiing. Our favorites för in the area are Städjan, Nipfjället, Stor Uckuvålen, Grövelsjön, Elgåhogna och Storslåga in Norway. All of this is in reach in about half to one and a half drive from our basecamp in Fjätervålen


Half day
1-3 person 3 800 SEK
4 person 4 600 SEK
5 person 5 000 SEK
6 personer 5 400 SEK

1 -3 person 4 800 SEK
4 person 5 600 SEK
5 person 7 000 SEK
6 person 8 400 SEK
If you are a bigger group please contact us for price

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