Twenty years ago, our love and curiosity for adventure in the mountains and forest brought us together. The love for each other turned out to be just as strong. On the 10th of february we point our skiis north with the goal to enjoying, for at least two month, the love of adventure, each other, the mountains, forets, people we meet along the way and everything else that we not can predict. Our plan is to ski along the Scandinavian mountain range from Grövelsjön to Treriksröset

During this twenty years we done a lot of hiking, skiing, climbing, bicycle touring, mostly together but sometimes alone or with other friends, and mostly in the Scandinavian mountains and forests but also a few times in other countries. We feel that we have the knowledge to do this, we have trained a lot during the autumn and winter and have a plan that we think is good. But we also know that the definition of an adventure is that the outcome is uncertain.

To ski between Grövelsjön and Treriksröset is also known as VITA BANDET, translated The withe ribbon. If you hike the same stretch during summer the name is Gröna Bandet, Green Ribbon. Elin made this hike during summer 2015 from north to south. Of course we really want to ski the entire way but this is an adventure with a lot of things that can go wrong. Our main focus is to enjoy every day and be grateful that we have the possibility to this kind if things together. We looking forward to a lot of things as for example to meet people along the way.

Read more about the Gröna and Vita bandet

When we write this post it is just a few weeks left and we have the plan set for our adventure. There is a lot of things to do before we can leave our house and just use the things we have with us packed in our pulkas. The feeling right now is a mixture between a small portion of nervousness and a large portion of a longing to start.

Take care
Elin och Lars

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