We are so happy to start this journey together and we hope you will enjoy the stories we share.

We would rather start asking about you but that is not doable so here comes a short presentation about who we are.

Elin loves her grandchildren, children and hiking and biking long distances. She is ok with skiing but often get cold hands and feet. She freelance as an operating nurse, but also help the local ski resort during the wintertime

Lars loves his two children, his mother, skiing, hiking, running and also do some climbing now and then. He work as a guide, ski instructor, developing hiking trails and during off season also building houses.

We almost forgot.. we also love each other, we are married and been a couple and best friends for more than 20 years.

How we meet ? Happy that you ask. Long story short. Lars called Elin and ask her if she would like to join him at a hike in the Swedish mountains. Ok he did not look her up randomly. We did know about each other and Lars had som interest to get Elin on the hook. She said yes and here we are 20 years later. Adventure in the nature have been our biggest interest and still is.

Kebnekaise nordtopp
Although our relationship started with a mountain hike, it has evolved into traveling in mountains and forests year-round using several different techniques. The journey with the development toogether has been great fun and is still ongoing. The picture is from a trip we did together with a friend up to Kebnekaise north peak. A trip that includes most of summer mountains travel, from hiking, traveling over glaciers, steep snow, easy climbing, airy ridge walking and enjoy at a mountain station. STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation – Tarfala – Halspasset – Nordtoppen – Sydtoppen – Via the eastern route down to the mountainstation.

We will tell you more about how we ended up living in a cabin at the foot of the mountain Fjätervålen and you will also be able to read about what we have done earlier, daily life and of course a lot of outdoor adventures. But we think this is enough for now.

Earlier this week we visited Rondane Nationalpark in Norway toogether with Elins oldes grandchild, Elvin. Netx story will be a short recap about that. If you don`t can wait you find a video on Lars youtube channel https://youtu.be/U4YpO05aSv4

Take care and see you
Elin and Lars

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